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Beautiful, Branded Pride Backgrounds for Video Meetings

For the LGBTQ+ community, Pride has always been about visibility.

The HAVEPRIDE.IN initiative, led by LGBTech and
VirtualOffice, enables companies to demonstrate their commitment to diversity, their celebration of differences, and their pride in who they are - even in the age of Corona.

We can't parade our flags this year, but we can still show the world our true colors. 🏳️‍🌈


Show Your Pride in Your People

Virtual backgrounds are a great way to broadcast your support of the LGBT+ community, to enhance visibility of LGBT+ employees and allies, to celebrate Pride in a time of social distancing, and to support the critical work of non-profits working to ensure equality for all.

100% On-Brand

We'll make sure your company logo remains the star of the show - second only to your employees

Exclusive Designs

Choose one of our exclusive background designs, or we can work with your designers to make your own

Personalized Screens

Create personalized backgrounds for every employee in the company, with their own names and titles displayed


With just a click, employees can import their backgrounds to Zoom or other teleconferencing app - ready to shine!

Get Some Love

Share your exclusive brand backgrounds with fans who want to show off their love

Perfect for the Age of Corona

Great for online meetings, virtual happy hours, and digital dates - and whatever else 2020 throws at us

Show Your Colors

Show your market - and the world - your commitment to equality & diversity for all

Be Seen

We'll add your company logo to our website to thank you for your donation and show the world your support

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Celebrate  Support LGBT+ Rights & Equality

All donations go directly to support the work of LGBTech, a non-profit that fights for LGBT+ diversity and equality in the workforce.

Don't get us wrong. We love the annual Pride-themed Happy Hours and parade floats.

But this year, with events and celebrations cancelled around the world because of COVID-19, companies have the opportunity for a more meaningful way to celebrate Pride month at your place of work: 

Support LGBTech - a non-profit organization that has been fighting for LGBT+ diversity and equality in the workforce every month of the year, for nearly a decade.


Your Donation Helps Us Champion the LGBT+ Community

Up to 10 Employees

Up to 30 Employees

Up to 100 Employees

Up to 500 Employees

Up to 1000 Employees

1000+ Employees











Custom Pricing

So, how will we use these funds?

  • To train HR teams on making sure all employees feel safe at work

  • To teach executives the value of diversity

  • To offer networking opportunities for LGBT+ professionals

  • To create and run skill-building courses for vulnerable populations

  • To leverage commercial interests to achieve social progress

  • To find and spotlight community role models

  • And so much more...


have pride.in

HAVEPRIDE.IN is a worldwide, digital Pride celebration to help the LGBT+ community reclaim some of the visibility lost to COVID-19.

Create stunning branded virtual backgrounds for Zoom, Skype, Hangouts and more - to showcase your company's commitment to LGBT+ pride, diversity, and equality.

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